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How can DTS help your business?

DTS, supported by Compu-Stor, allows businesses to dynamically use data within existing business systems across multiple departments.

There is a convergence of technology and operational practices today that is transforming how corporate leaders do business and delivering unprecedented levels of value By giving quicker access to data, swifter business decisions can be made based on real information, not forecasts or estimates.

Why choose DTS?

We understand complexity

Every business has unique aspects to its operation with varying levels of complexity. DTS has the analytical skills to capture and comprehend your business needs.


The DTS team can assess your business processes and provide recommendations for short-term wins and long-term strategic changes.

Risk Reduction

Our team guarantees projects are delivered with professionalism, efficiency, thoroughness and consistency, ensuring optimal use of your time, while minimising risk of rework and associated costs.

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Our team adheres to project budgets, timeframes, and quality standards. We also proactively assess risks and issues before they arise, so that risk avoidance plans can be set in place.

Our service deliver doesn’t end with project delivery. We monitor industry and technological advancements, as well as our own internal processes in search of continual improvement opportunities.

Tailored Solutions

Being solution-oriented and customer-focused, we use our extensive experience and knowledge to develop the right solution tailored for you.

Whether you’re considering process improvements of digital transformation, please don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free initial consultation service. Book yours today on 1300 559 778 or complete the enquiry form below.

How digital transformation can work for your business

Our team has experience across a range of industries, ensuring our solutions are genuinely tailored to the needs of our clients, not ‘one size fits all.’

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Electronic Content Management

ECM is able to image, archive, organise, query and retrieve indexed documents.

Electronic Workflow

This is an essential tool to mimic paper based approval processes digitally.

Business Rules

Business intelligence software allows process administrators to adhere to define business rules and authorisation.

Optical Character Recognition

OCR technology is a robust solution for converting printed data with high levels of accuracy.

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For many companies, their burdened transactional processes represent hills of gold, so to speak, if only someone with industry foresight would come along and unearth it.”

– Chris Cosgrove

This statement aptly describes a growing number of Australian corporations, investing in enterprise‑wide digitisation of inbound document processing.

DTS works as part of your team to conduct a business technical analysis of your requirements, so that an appropriate end-to-end solution can be designed. Our team are responsible planning and managing the entire project life cycle to ensure each stage is documented, signed off, and executed on time and within budget.

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