Digital Workflow Automation Improving Businesses in Sydney and Beyond


Plug your business activities into sustainable digital workflow automation to strengthen your processes and multiply opportunities. Automation is a systematic approach to performing tasks with minimal human intervention. Inevitably, businesses are recognising the advantages of automating certain workflow systems that leverage technology to streamline operations.

Workflow automation is yet again another holy grail the tech industry gives humankind. Another creative invention to make things run better, smoother and simpler. It is, therefore, one that is getting a lot of well-deserved traction in the business world today. Is your business up to date? Don’t miss the chance to leverage automation to create straightforward solutions for your business workflow.

A strategic makeover of workflows

The city of Sydney is recognised as the leading knowledge-based economy in Australia. It generates more than $108 billion every year which accounts for over 7% of Australia’s economy. With the city taking part in the Sustainable Sydney 2030 programme, businesses in key industries such as technology, education, and finance cannot overlook the importance of being up to date through digital workflow automation.

Workflow automation can benefit any type of business across different industries.  It helps improve business efficiency and accuracy through better allocation of human resources and less manual work. One of the leading businesses in Sydney that offer digital workflow automation is Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS). We all know that the implementation of new technology is often far behind its development, so DTS has been created to ensure a smooth transition to automation for every business by making the user experience a top priority.

strategic makeover of workflows

If you are a business in Sydney or other major cities in the world, jumping on the automation bandwagon is no longer an option but a necessity. Sydney CBD is among the cities with the most expensive rent per square feet, do you really want to allocate your office space to employees who only do repetitive and menial tasks? Not to mention the reduction of employee turnover when your employees feel they are actually doing something worthwhile. With each business operating on numerous functions, business workflow automation can be applied to strategically design these functions.  Here are a few examples of business workflows that can be streamlined and standardised through digital workflow automation: 

Human Resources

Selecting the right candidate for the job is crucial to any business’ success. Companies approach recruitment differently, but workflow automation ensures that the process is carried out seamlessly. For example, digital workflow automation can cost effectively capture employment data. The process will involve automatically storing web-based electronic forms in a document management system. As a result, a candidate’s information is instantly available to recruiters and hiring managers to help them make informed decisions.


Welcoming new clients to your business means you are ready to provide them the best service. Addressing their needs and concerns come first. If you are manually gathering client data you are wasting precious time and opportunity and might want to start thinking about workflow automation.

Getting client information is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve secured a purchase order, digital workflow automation can ensure that you receive orders, fulfil them, and issue an invoice all in one seamless process. For example, automotive dealers manage tons of paperwork throughout their customer lifecycle. Business workflow automation enhances dealership efficiency by storing documents in a Cloud that’s accessible anytime and anywhere. This process makes it easier to track at what stage of the sales process your customer is in, ensure a smooth transaction and enhance customer experience by addressing any concerns that might have been communicated in earlier stages of the purchase.


Designing campaigns to promote your business is not an easy task. Workflow automation takes on repetitive marketing activities and makes it easier for them to focus on planning and executing campaigns. For example, business workflow automation can deal with nurturing leads, scheduling content, managing social media, and even analysing market research. Implementing digital workflow automation in Sydney, therefore, frees up marketers from repetitive and menial tasks and allows them to deliver projects faster and reach more of their target audience.

Accounts Payable

Processing invoices to pay your suppliers on time is a perfect example of a workflow system that benefits from automation. When you apply business workflow automation to your accounts payable system, you eliminate manual work that is prone to errors. There’s no room for slow handovers or missed invoices because receipt, coding, and approvals are all done electronically. When choosing an Accounts Payable Solutions provider, make sure they tick all the right boxes:

Accounts Payable

All this and more you can find in the leading digital workflow automation provider in Sydney. Streamline your accounts payable process and get a service that’s designed to create an end-to-end solution to your Accounts Payable needs.

Inventory Management

Performing your business inventory manually can be quite the challenge regardless of your company’s size. Chances are there will always be too many items to count and list but not enough time to ensure accuracy. Automating your inventory management is perfect for managing high volumes of inventory. It essentially takes care of this tedious, time-consuming task while improving accuracy. Moreover, workflow automation improves ease in accessing data that is tracked precisely in real-time. It makes all the information you need available right at your fingertips.

Define the future with digital workflow automation

Any business on a growth path is faced with balancing different workflows to keep the wheels turning.  Business workflow automation helps businesses save time and money, increase accuracy, improve accountability, and maintain consistency across the organisation. It is one way of keeping pace with the ever-changing digital landscape.

digital workflow automation

Let digital workflow automation turn your business operations into a well-oiled machine. Eliminate any inefficiency in your workflows and reduce errors, increase productivity, and minimise costs. This flexible solution allows you to follow consistent steps and prevent mistakes. It can also give you a quantitative look at your current workflow system to identify which areas need improvement.

Discover more reasons to transform your business digitally through DTS. Explore their suite of products to find out how workflow automation can be the best solution to improving your processes. Start standardising your workflow system whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth, we have facilities that will help prepare your business functions for the future.

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