Government announces further investment in Digital Transformation

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The Australian Government have used the release of the 2018-2019 Budget to announce further investment in key platforms and technology to improve people’s experience of government services online.

$92.4 million will be invested into the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) to deliver in the next phase of work to build Govpass, a key component in the further digital transformation of government.

Govpass aims to provide a simple, safe and secure choice for people to verify who they are and access government services online, reducing the need to visit a shopfront.

According to the Digital Transformation Agency[1] website, over the next financial year, up to 8 high-volume government services will be piloted using a digital identity, giving more than 500,000 people the opportunity to test the system.

[H2] What is the Digital Transformation Agency? [H2]

The Digital Transformation Agency was set up by the Federal Government in 2015 to improve how Government deliver services online.  It exists to make it easy for people to deal with government and to help government transform services to be simple, clear and fast.

Government at all levels are one of the major industry sectors that see digital transformation as the future of integration of services and improving on customer experience.

Local government are facing the challenge of increased compliance and the goal of transforming to more efficient paperless processes and systems by 2020.

State Government’s across Australia are transitioning to digital platforms to simplify both internal processes and customer experience.

At the recent CeBit business and technology conference, NSW Minister for Finance, Services and Property, Victor Dominello, announced 'Buy.nsw, a new streamlined e-procurement platform that will make it easier for government to find and compare suppliers and for suppliers to market their services. [2]

In his keynote address, Dominello highlighted the improved business efficiencies that will almost certainly come from digitisation, but told the crowd that, for him, digital transformation is about more.

“It [digital transformation] is more than just the mere implementation of digital technologies. To me, the essence of digital transformation is about transforming human societies and improving the human condition.”

“It’s about achieving real-world outcomes and making decisions about how we distribute the pie more equitably and more efficiently.”




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