What Bulk Document Scanning can do for your School's HR Department

f there is anywhere in the world that needs to implement more bulk document scanning, Sydney may be one of the contenders. As one of Australia’s most populous and busiest hubs, it’s no surprise that Sydney is full of campuses as well. Approximately 3136 schools in New South Wales, with 1,488 of them in Sydney. Each one of these institutions generates a tremendous amount of paperwork to be assessed, sorted, managed and archived by their respective Human Resources teams. With a number of files to manage such as employee and faculty resumes, payroll sheets, faculty records, certifications and licenses, and policy documents only to name a few, this department is one of the top qualifiers for digitisation in schools as well as other businesses.

Schools in Sydney particularly in the HR department stand to gain numerous benefits from bulk document scanning to manage their paperwork. On the list of these benefits are:

1. Bulk document scanning services make Transition Easier

Some schools balk at the idea of making digital backups for the paperwork simply because there is just so much paperwork to scan. But bulk document imaging services could allow them to transform their most critical paper files into digital ones with ease. High volume paper-to-digital conversions are excellent services for schools who want data backed up and stored safely. In the end, it’s about making sure there’s a backup because…  

2. Schools Can Better Preserve the Life of Crucial Records

This factor is a crucial benefit to bulk document scanning. Schools can better preserve the life of their paper records, regardless of age. Older institutions could have near a century’s worth of paper files and archival documentation to sort through. Bulk scanning services will ensure that these fragile files are stored safely with backups so they could never be truly lost. Secondly, it allows HR personnel instant access to these files without having to sort through mountains of paperwork. Should the school need to find records from the school up to fifty years back, they will be able to locate them digitally near instantly. This digital transformation leads to…

3. Less Paper than Standard Protocol

By making the transition from paper to digital, the school can save a significant amount of money on paper. There is always a need for paper files; forms, grades, attendance sheets, receipts, and more. However, with the use of bulk document scanning, Sydney schools cut down the amount of paper used in terms of archiving and categorising the paperwork. Storing and analysing data (categorising school athletes, applications, tracking employee salaries, school trip approvals—just about anything) becomes a matter of a few search strings. This advantage also leads to…

4. Fewer Mistakes, Less Redundant Files

What is one of the biggest gripes of any parent, student, or faculty member in school? Endless circles in red tape and processes. Files getting lost in the piles are one of the biggest causes of this delay. Typically, HR employees could spend 30-40% of their time seeking out information among the different emails, printouts, files, and more. And there’s hardly an HR administrator who has never experienced a vital memo getting “lost” and having to be reprinted or copied for everyone. Somehow there are 9-10 copies of the same file by the end of it.

 Through smart information management and bulk document imaging in schools, any lost paper files are immediately restored through their digital copies. One centralised system for storage won’t just make things more efficient; it can also help …

5. Protect school files from disaster and malicious intent

Given the unpredictable nature of weather and natural disasters, along with a school’s propensity to student-related hazards, it’s time to safeguard files through bulk document scanning. Sydney schools can be sure that even if fires or other natural disasters sweep the campus, the data will remain safe. Australian schools are also legally obligated to protect their students and student information. Highly secure document storage will ensure no unauthorised access to personal information on students and faculty alike.

It’s time to take a load off the Human Resources personnel in schools and take that weight off their filing cabinets as well. This boost in efficiency allows everyone to focus on what truly matters, student education and taking the school to the next level.

With smart document storage and information management, schools will find everything faster and more smoothly. Visit Compu-Stor and discover other ways digital transformation can give an advantage to your school or company.

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