Efficient scanning, document management and workflow transforming education.

DTS provides a document management solution than can help unify legacy education paper-based processes and operations.

Using the DTS Document Management System (DMS), any educational institution can assimilate documents and processes from every academic department and function into one amazingly organised system.

Through digital transformation, everything becomes accessible, yet securely controlled via computer, mobile device and even remote computer, with the ability to limit viewership and editing ability on a case-by-case or class basis.

Since everything is interconnected, workflow is smooth. Teachers, lecturers and professors can submit grades, notify administration of changes, alter the syllabus and plan all through the DMS.

Admissions can maintain every portion of a student’s application in one location and monitor the entire admissions process to streamline acceptances, process tuition and audit the total progression through the educational institution. A student’s file contains everything relating to that student—and there’s only one secure place where it’s located, not 10 different locations across campus.