Giving healthcare the right information at the right time.

There is no industry more sensitive to maintaining accurate information than healthcare; where fingertip access to the right information at the right time can literally be the difference between life and death.

Every detail from lab reports, insurance claims, records releases, consent forms and more must be handled with extreme care, correct procedure and confidentiality. The document management solution must not only be up to the challenge, but it must provide the instant access to records that assures all medical staff quickly receive the information they need to treat patients.

The DTS Document Management System (DMS) provides the information access you need to treat patients efficiently with easy access to the patient’s files and required information. Patients’ medical records are kept together in a single electronic repository of information about the case – letters from other physicians, x-rays, medical charts, patient correspondence and other items.

Electronic Workflow

Electronic workflow ensures that all required data is sent to the appropriate departments and required areas to ensure compliance and mitigate risk to both the patient and the medical facility.

Our workflow is compatible with a wide cross-section of software applications that are currently standard use within the medical profession, so integration of existing software solutions, files and documents is easy. This centralised system is accessible by everyone involved in treating the patient dependent on their role and permissions granted by the medical facility.

Is records management a pain point for your practice?

Medical practices that hold health information must take reasonable steps to protect this information from misuse and loss through unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Utilising the inherent strengths and reliability of a professional information management partner is the perfect way to ensure you have all your document storage systems appropriately covered.

Digital Transformation Solutions has a robust information management solution that facilitates a superior level of document storage and retrieval. Our proprietary information management solution delivers efficient, time-sensitive access to information, allowing healthcare practices and teams to more efficiently organise, access and preserve information.

Putting the ‘cure’ in secure records management

There are several benefits that medical practitioners and specialists can gain from implementing a systematic records management program. These include:

  • Controlling the creation, volume, redundancy, and growth of records;
  • Reducing operating costs through active management and intelligent outsourcing decisions;
  • Improving overall efficiency and productivity;
  • Assimilating emerging records management technologies;
  • Ensuring compliance;
  • Safeguarding the business' vital information, including historical records;
  • Supporting enhanced performance and productivity of business processes; and
  • Enabling quicker and better management decision making.

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