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About Us

Digital Transformation Solutions, or DTS, is a new division of Compu-Stor, Australia’s largest privately family-owned information management company. Robert and Jeremy Manford are the driving force behind Compu-Stor continuing to lead the family owned business through careful management of growth and the development of new products and services to address the changing needs of records storage and information management.

To focus on the rise of digital content, our increasing reliance on it, and how it changes the way we manage records, Robert and Jeremy developed DTS. We would like to introduce the team driving new solutions.

DTS is a critical pathway for Compu-Stor’s services it provides the industry specialising in digital solutions. DTS will bring the industry cutting edge technology to improve business processes

Compu-Stor has been dealing with all aspects of records management since 1987, so Digital Transformation Solutions is a natural progression, as technology plays a more important role in the industry.

When Compu-Stor launched in 1987, the first service the business offered was document storage; delivering a simple archive based system so we could safely store important information that could be retrieved when needed. While document storage is still important today, the Compu-Stor offering is much more of an online information management system that provides an easier way to access and store information, thanks to the innovation of technology.

However, scanning and storage is just the start of the Compu-Stor story. Our tale centres on change and innovation. We’re constantly driven to transform and reinvent ourselves as technology evolves, allowing our services to be far beyond simple scanning and storage.

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Our Team

The rapidly evolving technology space presents unique and complex challenges for records managers and the organisation of digital records. Digital transformation takes this process one step further to allow businesses to dynamically use data within existing systems, across multiple departments, giving quicker access to data.

DTS works as part of your team to design a tailored end-to-end solution so you can fully realise the immense benefit of digital transformation on the business.

As a division of Compu-Stor, DTS brings specialised solutions and experienced people to provide digital services to our customers and wider business community.

As the world changes, technology changes. Businesses want a partner they can trust and know will be there the long term. Providing services since 1987 our customers look to us to bring them the latest technology and solutions. DTS brings these critical solutions to our service offerings.

Our team are responsible for planning and managing the entire project life cycle to ensure each stage is documented, signed off, and executed on time and within budget.

Stephen Wellington,
Head of Digital

Stephen is the head of the DTS offering. Using his decades of experience in digital and the records management field, Stephen drives operational efficiencies through digital technology and designs large scale transformation projects that deliver real organisational change.

Stephen’s advanced engineering of the Digital Transformation Solution is designed to offer businesses access to a business model that is more efficient and effective in the way it manages information and data.

"In today’s digital world, businesses are increasingly turning to technological solutions to help maximise the accessibility of information within their organisation. While IT was the first sector to encounter digital disruption, an explosion of new technologies is now driving the emergence of new business models."

Frank Sulfaro,
National Operations Manager

As National Operations Manager for DTS, Frank Sulfaro is responsible for overseeing and supporting the team who deliver on the operational elements of digital transformation, including establishing, reviewing, improving and maintaining operating frameworks, national processes and capacity planning.

With nearly three decades of experience in imaging services and records management for both local and global brands, Frank maintains all areas of operations up to the highest standards and works closely with each project team to deliver customers total, end-to-end digital transformation solutions.

Michael Luc,
Capture Specialist

As the IT Support specialist for DTS, Michael is instrumental in the development of marriage of software, hardware, and processes to deliver on the benefits of digital transformation.

Michael researches and recommends the right business process that will deliver on the digital transformation solution to suit a customer’s specific needs. Michael can also create out of the box development where needed in order to deliver an overall solution.

Kellie-Ann Smith,
Senior Business Analyst

With her many years’ experience within the records management industry, combined with her significant knowledge and expertise in driving business process change, Kellie-Ann Smith is well suited to her role as Business Analyst.

Kellie-Ann plays a pivotal part in collaborating with external and internal teams to design, document, test, and successfully implement systems through complex business processes.

Her dual role as Production Manager within Digital Transformation Solutions means Kellie-Ann is also heavily involved in the implementation and operation of the digital solution on an on-going basis.

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