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Government agencies at all levels face the challenge of increased compliance and the goal of transforming paper and inefficient electronic forms by 2020.

Between multi-hundred-page reports, council minutes, internal memos, official documents and correspondence the paper use at all levels of Australian Government can be staggering, typically amounting to more than most large Australian corporations.

While the paperless office is a goal, the underlying issue is that the majority of government information is stored in systems that reach no wider than a single department or maybe even a single building.

Our high quality scanning services are available as the foundation of content into your existing platforms or our Cloud/On-Premise workflows.

“Information sharing, and data gathering is almost impossible at a wider agency level.”

Government is the quintessential home for workflow. Today, documents move either by hand or by email from one step to the next, often taking up the majority of the day spent on this by administrative personnel. DTS Workflow automates this movement of paperwork by using both time and event base triggers, automatically routing documents and reminders from person to person, or from step to step.

The DTS Document Management System (DMS), integrates across applications, so everything can be tied together and accessed by all offices, departments or divisions using the system. With DTS DMS everything relating to a subject is stored together in the electronic repository. Metadata captured on all documents, photos, spreadsheets, emails, PowerPoint presentations or any other element that needs stored will be recorded, ensuring that all items relating to a single subject remains together and is easily accessible.

Version Control

When something needs to be routed for approval, there’s no need to print off multiple copies for physical review and approval. Instead you send the document electronically in a sequential routing that records each reviewer's changes as they are made. By routing in this way, you control the versions and know that everyone is working from the most current version. You can also know exactly where a document has stalled and get it moving again.

DTS DMS can help departments of government agencies work closer together, share information and be more efficient. It can also eliminate a lot of paper use and that’s good for all of us as well as for the environment.

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