Integrate your dealership information.

Automotive dealers are high volume document users. Each sale generates many documents through their customer lifecycle and the cars, motorcycles or boats come with their own set of paperwork and information needed.

The problems associated with high document volumes are amplified when the dealer has multiple yards with staff in each yard needing to access critical information.

DTS can help change your business processes, so dealerships can access their critical documents from any geographic location on the device of their choice.

With DTS’ innovative Workflow Management Solution dealership team members can simply go to any Multifunction Device and scan the Deal Packs into our Cloud Solution. Within minutes these documents are securely available in our Cloud from any device, from any geographic location.

Implementing a Deal Pack solution means team members do not have to spend large amounts of valuable time searching for files, instead they can focus on the customer, assisting with their needs. Immediate access to information reflects positively on the dealership and the customer experience as well as lets your sales people get on with selling.

In addition to streamlining the management of your Deal Packs, our services can be used to transform literally any other business process for dealerships including human resources, finance and operations.