Electronic Forms

Today’s strategies in driving operational cost out of most business processes begins with exploring opportunities to automate and create self-service front-end data entry applications.

When you think about the ways in which commerce is transacted over the web, including making a reservation, requesting information, or an online purchase, the user is presented with a form which they enter required data and submit it. Paper documents are no longer part of this process and subsequently most of the operational costs associated with processing forms can be eliminated.

Manual paper-based forms used today in organisations are expensive, difficult to distribute, and drive up operational costs to manage and file them. Integrated content management solutions like Digital Transformation Solutions Web Forms and E-Forms provide a framework for the automation of these processes.

So many organisations have stepped into the online forms world but have failed to take advantage of the valuable data they have captured; mainly due to lack of integration or an inability to use this data in their current systems.

The DTS Electronic Forms System allows you to create and store a library of on-demand forms to automate the creation, distribution, and filing of transactional forms. These forms can be configured as Microsoft Word, HTML, or Excel documents and made available within the system or posted on outward facing websites or portals.

DocuSign integration further enhances the opportunity you have to create and improve the use of forms. The partnership with DocuSign creates more efficient processes by extending the integration with eSignatures technology meeting the demands of Digital Transformation.

Completed forms are posted directly into the DTS Workflow system for secure storage and retrieval when needed. Forms posted into our system automatically initiate a workflow process to route those forms to users based on configured business rules including SLAs and KPIs your staff may be working to. The data entered on the forms can be extracted to feed other systems or databases, and can be used to create custom reports and a valuable source of data for your business intelligence platforms.

The DTS Enterprise Document Management Solution E-Forms module extends the functionality of the system and when coupled with the automated workflow can be used to create highly efficient Business Process Automation solutions.

Typical E-Forms applications include:

  • Human Resource Applications
  • Information Request Forms
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Online Order Forms
  • Service Request Forms
  • Online Credit Applications
Electronic Forms

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