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The benefits of improved operational efficiencies and increase in productivity gained via DTS is not limited to a single industry or department.

Digital transformation can accelerate business performance best when it is understood as a process that will fundamentally change organisational operational processes and priorities to become a more customer-centric organisation. Digital transformation can improve profitability, customer satisfaction and increase speed-to-market for any business.

Below we have listed some examples of the industries and departments who we have worked with to streamline business processes and deliver cost saving, tailor-made solutions. Solutions can include the outsourcing of the back file conversions to create significant content for the new processes. Our facilities have significant capacity for both ongoing long-term records storage and scanning production services ready for your documents.

Added protection with the Document Management System

A Document Management System (DMS) offers you real credibility in your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. With our documented solutions they can easily be added to your procedures library and we will work with you to have our services incorporated within your testing regime.

In addition, because a DMS allows management to restrict file access to those who should see an item, you thwart those who would snoop in your company’s private or proprietary information. That’s an added level of protection that should make everyone feel more secure.

Accounts Payable

Control the process, control the costs.

While the Accounts Receivable department are responsible for the incomings of the organisation, chasing payments and invoices, it is the Accounts Payable department who are the backbone, responsible for paying vendors, service providers, and employee expenses based on the established and agreed upon payment terms. The challenge is to only make payment when the transaction is complete, all the documentation is in order, and all the rules have been satisfied.

DTS allows you to quickly apply document management technology to your accounts payable processes to gain control and add automation for cost savings, quality management and scalability. Our services are designed to be an end-to-end solution that maximises results. By capturing documents at the beginning of their life cycle you eliminate many of the challenges associated with managing linked documents.

DTS provides the right solution to streamline accounts payable processes and meet these challenges head on. With our significant range of API’s we are quickly up and running without any major development.

We are constantly investing in the latest technologies, training and secure infrastructure and with customer service being at the forefront of everything we do you can be confident in selecting DTS as your outsourcing partner.

Our role is providing you complete visibility whilst retaining control allowing your staff to focus on higher value work.

Clearly, it’s a new, more secure and efficient day for Accounts Payable. DMS has transformed this once tedious, difficult job into something bordering on a pleasure your staff will enjoy doing.
Accounts Payable
Human Resources

Human Resources

With DTS, you can automate the hiring process using web-based electronic forms to cost effectively capture employment data.

These forms are automatically stored in the document management system and can automatically initiate a new employee hiring workflow. This provides instant visibility to the users involved in the process and allows them to make decisions automatically about the candidate. This functionality decreases the time and reduces the cost to process employment applications and provides the documents and decision data you need for regulatory compliance.

Good information about employees allows you to make good decisions around compensation and advancements. DTS allows you to capture, organise and secure all the information and documents that represent an employees’ history with your organisation. Having the right HR information helps protect your organisation from potential employee litigation and compliance issues.

Our workflow is compatible with a wide cross-section of software applications that are currently standard use within business today, so integration of existing software solutions, files and documents is easy. This centralised system is accessible by everyone involved in the process dependent on their role and permissions granted by the organisation.

Contract Management

Digital Contract Management for reduced organisational risk.

DTS delivers contract creation and workflow applications that improve the operation of any business by connecting users with the correct information they need, when they need it.

Our customers can deploy automated contract creation and life-cycle management processes and centrally manage contracts to improve compliance, collaboration and access to information. Applications can be deployed locally or as a cloud-based service, and have been implemented by organisations of all sizes around the world.

The easy-to-use DTS integration tools give you greater control over your contract creation and ongoing lifecycle processes. The strong integration capabilities make true end-to-end automation possible to maximise productivity by eliminating “data silos”.

Analytics tools provide meaningful, timely and actionable insights into all workflow processes to harness the full value of the data to make better business decisions.

Our workflow is compatible with a wide cross-section of software applications that are currently standard use within business today, so integration of existing software solutions, files and documents is easy. This centralised system is accessible by everyone involved in the contracting dependent on their role and permissions granted by the organisation.



Helping government become E-government.

Government agencies at all levels face the challenge of increased compliance and the goal of transforming paper and inefficient electronic forms by 2020.

Between multi-hundred-page reports, council minutes, internal memos, official documents and correspondence the paper use at all levels of Australian Government can be staggering, typically amounting to more than most large Australian corporations.

While the paperless office is a goal, the underlying issue is that the majority of government information is stored in systems that reach no wider than a single department or maybe even a single building.

Our high quality scanning services are available as the foundation of content into your existing platforms or our Cloud/On-Premise workflows.

“Information sharing, and data gathering is almost impossible at a wider agency level.”

Government is the quintessential home for workflow. Today, documents move either by hand or by email from one step to the next, often taking up the majority of the day spent on this by administrative personnel. DTS Workflow automates this movement of paperwork by using both time and event base triggers, automatically routing documents and reminders from person to person, or from step to step.

The DTS Document Management System (DMS), integrates across applications, so everything can be tied together and accessed by all offices, departments or divisions using the system. With DTS DMS everything relating to a subject is stored together in the electronic repository. Metadata captured on all documents, photos, spreadsheets, emails, PowerPoint presentations or any other element that needs stored will be recorded, ensuring that all items relating to a single subject remains together and is easily accessible.

Version Control

When something needs to be routed for approval, there’s no need to print off multiple copies for physical review and approval. Instead you send the document electronically in a sequential routing that records each reviewer's changes as they are made. By routing in this way, you control the versions and know that everyone is working from the most current version. You can also know exactly where a document has stalled and get it moving again.

DTS DMS can help departments of government agencies work closer together, share information and be more efficient. It can also eliminate a lot of paper use and that’s good for all of us as well as for the environment.


Efficient scanning, document management and workflow transforming education.

DTS provides a document management solution than can help unify legacy education paper-based processes and operations.

Using the DTS Document Management System (DMS), any educational institution can assimilate documents and processes from every academic department and function into one amazingly organised system.

Through digital transformation, everything becomes accessible, yet securely controlled via computer, mobile device and even remote computer, with the ability to limit viewership and editing ability on a case-by-case or class basis.

Since everything is interconnected, workflow is smooth. Teachers, lecturers and professors can submit grades, notify administration of changes, alter the syllabus and plan all through the DMS.

Admissions can maintain every portion of a student’s application in one location and monitor the entire admissions process to streamline acceptances, process tuition and audit the total progression through the educational institution. A student’s file contains everything relating to that student—and there’s only one secure place where it’s located, not 10 different locations across campus.



Integrate your dealership information.

Automotive dealers are high volume document users. Each sale generates many documents through their customer lifecycle and the cars, motorcycles or boats come with their own set of paperwork and information needed.

The problems associated with high document volumes are amplified when the dealer has multiple yards with staff in each yard needing to access critical information.

DTS can help change your business processes, so dealerships can access their critical documents from any geographic location on the device of their choice.

With DTS’ innovative Workflow Management Solution dealership team members can simply go to any Multifunction Device and scan the Deal Packs into our Cloud Solution. Within minutes these documents are securely available in our Cloud from any device, from any geographic location.

Implementing a Deal Pack solution means team members do not have to spend large amounts of valuable time searching for files, instead they can focus on the customer, assisting with their needs. Immediate access to information reflects positively on the dealership and the customer experience as well as lets your sales people get on with selling.

In addition to streamlining the management of your Deal Packs, our services can be used to transform literally any other business process for dealerships including human resources, finance and operations.


Giving healthcare the right information at the right time.

There is no industry more sensitive to maintaining accurate information than healthcare; where fingertip access to the right information at the right time can literally be the difference between life and death.

Every detail from lab reports, insurance claims, records releases, consent forms and more must be handled with extreme care, correct procedure and confidentiality. The document management solution must not only be up to the challenge, but it must provide the instant access to records that assures all medical staff quickly receive the information they need to treat patients.

The DTS Document Management System (DMS) provides the information access you need to treat patients efficiently with easy access to the patient’s files and required information. Patients’ medical records are kept together in a single electronic repository of information about the case – letters from other physicians, x-rays, medical charts, patient correspondence and other items.

Electronic workflow ensures that all required data is sent to the appropriate departments and required areas to ensure compliance and mitigate risk to both the patient and the medical facility.

Our workflow is compatible with a wide cross-section of software applications that are currently standard use within the medical profession, so integration of existing software solutions, files and documents is easy. This centralised system is accessible by everyone involved in treating the patient dependent on their role and permissions granted by the medical facility.