Digital Mailroom

Outsource Your Mailroom & Transform Your Business

Processing mail manually in-house these days is simply old school. Why waste your employee's valuable time and skills on performing low value tasks like opening and processing mail?

DTS converts paper-based processes into effective and efficient digital solutions. Evolving to a digital mailroom is a simple solution. We’ll take care of opening, sorting and managing your mail processes so you can invest in upskilling your staff to perform high value tasks that will grow your business and increase their job satisfaction.

DTS will receive your mail at our secure scanning facility where everything is under tight security surveillance. We will open, prep, scan and index your documents, then electronically route them straight to the recipient for review, approval and processing digitally. Stop the paper entering your business now!

DTS are able to manage:

  • Invoices – we can even setup automated Purchase to Pay workflow processes that match the invoice to the purchase order and ensure you’ve received proof of delivery
  • Membership applications
  • Employment applications – workflow will make sure you have all the required forms completed before your new employee starts
  • Insurance appeals
  • Legal documents

Plus, any other documents you have that are taking up valuable space and resources.

Digital Mailroom
  • vecmailMail sent to PO Box & picked up daily
  • vecmailMail opened, prepped & scanned
  • vecmailData capture & quality control
  • vecmailKick off automated workflow
  • vecmailData entry into your system
  • vecmailDelivery to platform of your choice

Email Digital Management

Who doesn’t receive hundreds or seemingly thousands of emails per day? Emails have attachments like invoices that require processing. These are often forwarded to another person, saved on the server for processing, or worse still, printed and processed manually.

By implementing a digital email capture solution DTS can manage your documents via digital workflow. By doing so you won’t have to worry about saving, printing, or distributing these documents manually. We manage the email inbox, digitally optimising your emails for processing, capturing data and automatically distributing via workflow for you to manage the approval process.

This end to end solution ensures accuracy, process improvements and reduces costs for manual steps. Our digital mail solution mirrors your manual processing rules behind the scenes.

Let DTS help you implement a smarter and more efficient way to manage your email document processes.

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What does a digital mailroom do for your business?

  • Puts you ahead of those competitors who haven’t yet evolved to a digital processing environment.
  • Removes manual, low value processes that cost time and money.
  • Expedites document processing and frees up resources for more important tasks.
  • Electronically routes mail throughout your organization for review and approval, even to remote workers.
  • Removes bottle necks caused by manual processes – if someone is away rules can be set to forward emails to another staff member ensuring the process continues.
  • Saves space by reducing the office area required to receive, process, sort and deliver high volumes of paper (why not lease less office space and transform your business into an Activity Based Work place where staff can communicate, interact and collaborate more effectively…you may even reduce turnover of staff).
  • Tightens document security and confidentiality – set strict rules with the workflow solution allowing only authorised staff to view sensitive documents.
  • Ensures mail is filed correctly – never lose a document again
  • Overflowing inboxes are a thing of the past – achieve paper independence with a digital mailroom solution from DTS.
  • squaremailMail sent to PO Box & picked up daily
  • squaretraingleMail opened, prepped & scanned
  • squarenoteData capture & quality control
  • squarechartKick off automated workflow
  • squarekeyData entry into your system
  • squareuploadDelivery to platform of your choice

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