Analogue to digital for security for healthcare industry

Analogue to digital for security in healthcare

Medical facilities and providers in Australia have some of the most advanced technology in the world. These technological advancements are leading medical science down the path to provide cures for diseases and sickness once thought incurable, and they are improving every day.

However, there are wide spread reports of hospitals around the country that are falling apart, with electrical sockets becoming faulty and electrical leads tracing across operating floors.[1]

While these matters are being addressed, there is one area also needs to be addressed as seriously as physical issues and is a vital part of any hospital or medical facility; the records system.

With the healthcare sector focusing so intently on cyber security due to the widespread news and reports of phishing scams, it’s the analogue side of their record keeping system that’s needs to be addressed. Rooms filled with filing cabinets ready to explode due to the amount of documents contained within their drawers, or the backup data tapes in boxes in unsecured storerooms, where basically anyone can gain access to them.

Sure, some of the doors may have locks on them, but anyone determined to gain access to these records can easily do so. A security breach may not even be the result of a theft, it could just be a problem of proper protocols when handling medical documents.

DTS understands the need for security of patient documents, but also the need to be able to access them quickly. One of the most efficient ways in which to ensure your documents are not only protected from potential security breaches, but are also easily accessed when needed, and that’s through our imaging, accessibility and storage services.

How does this work?

Firstly, we collect the documents from your facility that you would like to have secured, but also gain access to them when you need. Once they have been collected, we will begin the process of converting all your paper documents in to digital files. All the digital files will be centrally located on our secured server and can be accessed through a portal with your own unique log-in details. Alternatively, we can present the digital records back for integration within your existing facilities.

This portal allows you to be able to access your digital files from any mobile device anywhere in the world.

Once the imaging of your documents has been completed, and if you have advised your DTS team member, they will then be placed in to secure physical storage, where each box of documents will have a barcode placed on them to be easily located when needed.   

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