In the automation bandwagon, how are workflows for BPO companies holding up?


Business processing outsourcing’s rise in popularity among business owners is due to the strategic benefits that come with it. Companies that found success in outsourcing tasks realised that BPO could bring several advantages to business operations. You’ll often hear improved efficiency, increased productivity, and cost-efficiency associated with outsourcing. In the US alone, 57% of companies have increased outsourcing services requirements out in the global market. Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey also found that 78% of businesses feel positive about their relationship with BPO companies.


Several businesses across industries, no doubt, are taking advantage of BPO services such as customer care centres, human resources, accounting and payroll processing. While companies tend to outsource to expand operations and round-the-clock coverage, the BPO space continues to change. These changes result from the way technology is evolving and the application of automation in BPO companies. Automation in outsourcing sometimes stokes fears of robots replacing humans in the workplace. However, digital transformation experts like Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS) can help lessen these worries. DTS understands that there is an opportunity to upskill and reskill workforces as workflows for BPO companies ride the automation bandwagon.

The need for automation in workflows for BPO companies

Rolling out a program for automation in BPO companies is a means of delighting customers in this fast-paced digital age. Customers have high expectations – they demand quick responses and seamless error-free transactions. Therefore, BPO companies must also accelerate the digitisation of their business processes.

Automation in outsourcing begins with designing a practical framework that integrates digitisation in business operations. For example, reduce the reliance on manual processes through the introduction of digital workflow automation. Store your paper files in a digital document storage system to protect critical data and provide quicker access.  Here are other examples of workflows for BPO companies that greatly benefit from automation.


Customer care services

Customer satisfaction motivates companies to improve their customer service processes. A huge factor in this satisfaction is personalised customer experience. How does automation in BPO workflow ensure this? Customer databases are designed and created through cloud technology. The cloud enables customer support representatives’ quick access to customer information that ultimately lets them meet demands in real-time. Furthermore, using this data means drawing insights on who, where, and what matters most to customers. By doing so, automation in BPO companies that offer customer care can provide an improved and personalised customer experience.

Human Resource Processes

Recruitment, hiring, and onboarding are a few HR functions in a BPO workflow that have transformed through automation. HR processes involve tons of paperwork and tedious tasks that can be automated. For example, application forms are converted to digital format and the data can be sorted and categorised automatically. The process involves bulk document scanning or imaging that use state-of-the-art equipment and storage to protect your data. Employee information, as a result, are easily accessible for evaluation or tracking behavioural trends. This data can be utilised for developing programs that can improve employee engagement and performance.  

Accounting and Payroll Management

Accounting and payroll are an integral part of workflows for BPO companies that require accuracy and efficiency. Automation in outsourcing easily meets these requirements. Digitised payslips, for example, demonstrate several advantages to a company. Aside from uncomplicated distribution, it provides better file archiving and organisation. Searches, and if necessary, exchanges, are optimised and kept compliant with industry regulations. Moreover, digitising payslips also lead to improved handling of personal employee data and security.

Entrusting workflows for BPO companies to digitisation experts

Embracing new technologies for a BPO workflow enables business leaders to focus on strategies while ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Automation in BPO companies is often a sensitive topic because of the fear of rendering the human workforce obsolete. However, to keep abreast of the times, companies explore the full range of benefits that come with automation. It no doubt enhances workflows for BPO companies like customer care services, HR processes, and accounting and payroll management.


Outsourcing alone already provides enhancements to overall business operations. Imagine what more you can do with automation in outsourcing – the possibilities are limitless. Find how you can experience these possibilities by getting in touch with DTS today. DTS’s full suite of digital solutions is guaranteed to give you and your bu

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