Control Without Being Controlling

Digital transformation
The finance sector, or more precise accounts payable is one of the most process driven sectors across all industries. Their main mission is to ensure all vendors, service providers, and employee expenses are paid based on established rules of their organisation, and agreed upon payment terms.

Yet one of the biggest issues is to ensure that payment is only made once the transaction has been completed, all the documentation is in order, and all the rules have been satisfied.  

When it comes to processing transactions, a lot of the workflow is quite repetitive, and time consuming, which means the expertise and skills of the administrative staff charged with looking after the processing of payments and documents, are not being utilised to their fullest potential.

In most cases, if a company is looking to save costs and improve productivity in this area, they tend to outsource the work to locally based companies whom specialise in this field, or overseas where they can get more people working on their business for less money. Unfortunately, most of the time the quality of work can decrease, while the ratio of clerical errors increases.

DTS has created a solution for those companies whom not only wish to increase productivity, but also want to maintain an element of control without having to dedicate too many resources in the way of administrative staff.

The DTS Digital Workflow Automation system enables a business to set up their own automated processes in order to be able to gain control of costs, quality management and scalability.

Imagine being able to automate your approval process electronically. Or having a document workflow approval routing feature, which automatically directs the document to the employee that needs to review it, act on it or reply to them. No matter their location.

It also eliminates human error within the physical handling stages of the process. Things such as creating a checklist, searching for missing documents, validating information or following up with other employees to make sure the process continues, is no longer needed.

Another benefit of this kind of system and the technology it is built upon, is that no matter your location, or the device you work from, you will still be able to be part of the process and help guide it along with minimal interference.

Let DTS help your business take advantage of automating the elements of your business where your resources could be better utilised.

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