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According to Business Review, developing a digital mailroom, a central platform that collects information within the organisation and sends it to the relevant department, increases productivity by 30 to 50 per cent and reduces customer response time by 3 to 10 times.1

Spencer Wyer, global chief technology officer of UK based EDM Group, says: “Every organisation should capture data and documents from every channel of communication in real time as part of their digital transformation road map. Without this, there is a significant risk of snail mail and even email preventing true digital transformation. “2

"If you do not solve data capture across every channel at the same time, you do not have complete information.

”It is the convergence of communication, content and process, turning analogue information into true data that can then be captured intelligently and processed efficiently to deliver invaluable management information and business intelligence in real time."3

Benefits of implementing a DTS Digital Mailroom

Cut costs and delays with managing paper by outsourcing your manual processes. Inbound communications enter the system quickly, are routed automatically and accessible from anywhere, reducing the amount of labour needed to maintain or even increase productivity.

  • Reduce the decision cycle by removing bottlenecks, ensuring that inbound communications get to the right person in the shortest time-frame possible.
  • Avoid stalled processes and manual tracking/reminders by automatically notifying a manager or co-worker when a task has reached an escalation point.
  • Improved customer service through greater turnaround times, easier access to information, including historic information, and reduced errors.
  • Enforce compliance with company policies and external mandates guaranteeing that all of the proper procedures are followed and documented, enabling compliance with audits and preventing fraud.
  • Increased visibility to make the right decisions to achieve business goals. 
  • Advanced analytics expose data about employee productivity, transaction volumes and more to identify areas for improvement.
  • Economical user licensing options that make it practical to extend secure access even to occasional or temporary employees, enabling a truly enterprise approach to work management.

DTS delivers digital mailroom automation that is easy to implement, configure, use and modify.

Our mailroom automation capabilities can help organisations of all sizes significantly increase productivity, shorten cycle times, reduce overhead costs, improve visibility and compliance with financial standards and audits.

Our digital mailroom solution is a cloud-native, end-to-end application that can automate the flow of work in any mailroom.

The DTS Professional Services team will analyse your existing business processes, streamline them through automated business rules and implement your improved end-to-end workflow solution.

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