Four ways medical practices can benefit by going digital

digital transformation for health care

With the move to the My Health Record platform now imminent, many medical practices are unsure of how best to evolve from onsite to offsite storage, or from paper to digital records management. Here are four ways your practice could benefit right now by moving to a digital records management system.

1. Gain control over your patient’s records

Eliminate the risk of patient records being lost or misplaced across multiple practice rooms, accidentally destroyed, or accessed without your authorisation. Our Complete Online Management System (CIMS) has been custom built by our team, and is managed in-house to provide you with peace of mind, knowing your digital records are stored securely and in compliance with federal and state legislation.

2. More office space

Going digital means you can free up valuable floor space in your practice or specialist rooms. We will not only store your physical records off-site in our secure, state-of-the-art storage facilities, we will also scan your documents and store them online in our proprietary information management system, CIMS.

3. Records access at the touch of a button

Moving to a digital records management system means you can access patient data instantly; across multiple locations, from multiple devices. No more using up valuable resources to wade through cluttered folders or bulging filing cabinets. CIMS provides your staff with easy online access to patient data at the click of button.

4. Improved business performance

When you move away from manual processes the costs associated with managing sensitive information and compliance reduce significantly. A robust document management system (DMS) can provide the information you need to treat patients more efficiently, with medical records kept together in a single file with other specialist information.

Let DTS take care of your records management evolution process, so you can focus on those who need you most; your patients. Digitising your records doesn’t have to be brain surgery. Outsource to the experts today.

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