The impact that digital transformation can have on your organisation

Introducing DTS

The term ‘Digital Transformation’ can mean many things to many people. To some it can seem an overwhelming process to convert known and comfortable physical processes into a new, and unfamiliar, digital process. While to others it is the sign of progression, and the evolution of laborious and outdated processes into a faster and more efficient way in which to conduct business. 

These are both correct. 

Digital transformation is an undertaking to transform all current manual and physical processes into user friendly digital practices. From the scanning of all available documents, to the training of staff to use and incorporate new processes and systems. Once it has been implemented and running for a while, you will ask yourself how you ever lived without it. 

One of the biggest changes Digital Transformation has wrought is that of enterprise content management (ECM), which is the capturing of any content relating to the business. Content Management technologies were first adopted in order to reduce a business’ reliance on paper, and one of the best examples of how our approach towards documents has changed is the e-Form.

Where you once needed to fill out pages of documents with black inked pens, you can now tick boxes and e-sign a document. Once you have finished, the document will be automatically stored on the servers of the company it came from. Meaning that data is captured, stored and retrieved just as easily. 

What is the real impact of Digital Transformation?

Like all things business related, the biggest impact of Digital Transformation is in profits and time. When a manual process becomes digital, costs are reduced because there is a significant reduction in the amount of people required to help facilitate the process of capturing that data. The other benefit is that of time. The less people involved in the processing of an order, invoice or payment, the sooner an order is shipped, an invoice is settled and a payment made. 

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