Why Digital Transformation is the job of Operations - Not IT

Why Digital Transformation is the job of Operations not IT
Digital transformation has often been placed in the court of IT due to its digital nature. However, as these digital changes are more about operational improvement rather than IT implementation, it should be the function of an Operations team to be the most important influencer for a truly successful digital transformation; with Operations working in partnership with a skilled IT team.

Amongst the many tasks that an Operations Manager or Operations Team are charged with is efficiency and productivity; driving best practice throughout all areas of the business.

The goal of digital transformation is to reduce cost pressures by streamlining technology investments, creating synergies, and improving utilisation, all in the name of increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. These are the typical core responsibilities for the Operations department, who can add their insight on the specific business operations and productivity challenges.

Operations and IT should consider digital transformation as a truly collaborative and transformative business approach; a strategy to improving business efficiency and customer engagement.

Digital Transformation Solutions is a new division of Compu-Stor. Digital Transformation Solutions from Compu-Stor allows businesses to dynamically use data within existing business systems across multiple departments, giving quicker access to data, meaning swifter business decisions can be made based on real information, not forecasts or estimates.



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